FACC Loans

Applying for a business loan can be a little overwhelming but working with FACC alleviates some of the uncertainties, guiding you through every step in the process. When we collaborate with clients, we aim to get to know the business nearly as well as the owner and provide professional support throughout the life of the loan and beyond.

Beyond our financial knowledge, we bring an understanding of the small business challenges you face and the opportunities available to you. For our Native American market, our understanding of the unique business processes within Indian Country makes us a valuable partner in your business journey.

If interested in applying for a loan, contact the FACC at 414.604.2044 and ask to speak with a loan officer. During the call, you may be asked the following questions:

  • Who owns the business, and where is it located?
  • What is the company’s legal structure (Corp., LLC, Partnership, etc.)
  • Why do you need the loan? Be prepared to explain how you will use the loan proceeds.
  • Do you have a business plan?
  • Is the business minority/disadvantaged certified?
  • Can you provide historical financial statements for the existing business or financial projections for a new business?
  • Other questions related to the number of employees, your customers, and competition.

After the call, complete the FACC Inquiry Form. The next step for qualified prospective borrowers is receiving an email invitation to your personal and secure FACC client portal, which provides access to the loan application, business management resources, and more.

Are you an existing client? Visit the existing client’s login to learn more about how we can continue to help you.

FACC’s goal is not only to help your business succeed but help you transition to a traditional lender. Even after your FACC loans are paid back, our staff is still here to provide you with the technical assistance you need to get on a pathway towards qualifying for the credit standards of area business banks. If you have questions along the way, please reach out to FACC. We are here to help.

Eligible borrowers
FACC serves the following customer groups:

  • Native American-owned businesses located in Wisconsin.
  • Tribally owned non-gaming business enterprises.
  • Other minority-owned enterprises specific to respective funding source requirements.
  • Individuals and businesses eligible to participate in the SBA Microloan program.

Individuals and sole proprietors are not eligible business loan applicants.

Non-discrimination policy
FACC is committed to lending fairness and fair lending practices. FACC or any employee thereof shall not discriminate against any credit request based on race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, disability, and familial status.

The limiting factor of this policy is mandatory compliance with the funding partner’s conditions of sub-fund levels, which must be invested into the specific targeted markets per the grant or loan requirements.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.